Donations to The Florida Review via the UCF Foundation allow us to fund special projects, such as the Jeanne Leiby Memorial Chapbook Award, conferences, educational tools for our student interns, and gift copies of The Florida Review for special events, such as the opening of the Resilience: Remembering Pulse exhibit at the UCF Gallery.

Gifts are tax deductible and allow individuals and organizations to support the literary arts in Central Florida and beyond. If you share our passion for the written word and other forms of art, if you wish to support a literate culture, if you believe in practical and profound training for undergraduate students in English, Writing & Rhetoric, Digital Media, Visual Arts, and Film, please consider supportingĀ The Florida Review. Gifts are vitally important to us, as we receive only approximately 10% of our budget from the university.

To donate directly, please go to the UCF Foundation site Give Now page, under “Please use my gift to support…”, go to the second box and type in “The Florida Review.” Every time you make a donation, please indicate it should go to The Florida Review. Please note that without this designation, your donation will be applied to UCF’s general fund, not to The Florida Review.

If you are interested in more information about how you can supportĀ The Florida Review, participate in our fundraising efforts, contribute to our cause in other ways, or to find out more about what we do with donations, feel free to contact the editor and director Peter Kispert at

Your support makes so much possible. We thank you for all donations, large and small.