Submission Guidelines

Please read an issue of The Florida Review before you send us your work in order to get a feel for the kind of writing we publish. We are looking for innovative, luxuriant, insightful human stories—and for things that might surprise us. We like writing that takes risks, affects us deeply, and yet also meets the highest standards of beautiful language and  syntax that supports the meaning of the work.

  • We accept general submissions online through the Submittable link below. We accept visual art, Editor’s Award, and chapbook submissions either online through Submittable via the links below or via regular postal mail (with a self-addressed stamped envelope enclosed). Please send an SASE if you submit on paper and do not expect us to send a personal email or take on the expense of return postage.
  • We will also accept postal mail submissions from those who do not have regular access to the internet, such as prisoners. These should include an SASE for us to respond.
  • All manuscripts must be typed (double-spaced for fiction and nonfiction; poetry should be single-spaced). We prefer serif typefaces such as Times New Roman over sans serif ones like Calibri. We prefer that you use indents to indicate new paragraphs rather than extra line spaces.
  • All general submissions (non-contest) manuscripts must include the author’s full name and contact information on the first page, and the title and page numbers on subsequent pages.
  • Manuscripts sent by mail (which we will accept only for Editors’ Award and chapbook contest submissions) must:
    • be printed on white letter-sized paper without identifying information except title;
    • include a cover letter with the author’s name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and title of submission(s);
    • include a self-addressed stamped envelope for response; and
    • indicate in the cover letter if the manuscript should be returned and include proper postage on the SASE.
  • International submissions are welcome, especially electronically, but these must be submitted via Submittable since the demise of the International Postal Coupon.
  • We do not usually accept submissions from University of Central Florida faculty, staff, or students. Alumni should wait until at least five years after graduating before submitting.

We regret that we can no longer accept regular submissions via regular postal mail, and that we charge a small fee on Submittable to support our work and to cover administrative costs. Please understand that several of our editors live in other places, and it would be impracticable and cost-prohibitive for us to transfer snail mail submissions to them. Please also understand that our small submissions fee is roughly equivalent to what a snail-mail submission would cost in paper, toner, envelopes, and postage; you are simply contributing to the survival of our literary magazine endeavor instead of to the US postal service.

Genre-specific submission information can be found here.