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Submissions Guidelines

Please use our online submissions manager! General submissions by postal mail closing as of November 1, 2015!

After many years of accepting both online and postal mail submissions, we are changing over to online-only for general submissions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but our office space is small and many of our editorial staff are not on-site. In addition, although we charge a small fee for online submissions, this option will actually be less expensive for you once you take into account paper, toner, envelopes, and postage on both your submission and your SASE. We hope this will allow us to streamline our reading process and get to your submissions more quickly and consistently.

On Submitting to The Florida Review

Please read an issue of The Florida Review before you send us your work in order to get a feel for the kind of writing we publish. We are looking for innovative, luxuriant, insightful human stories—and for things that might surprise us. We like writing that takes risks, affects us deeply, and yet also meets the highest standards of beautiful language and appropriate syntax.

We do not consider typical genre fiction (sci-fi, romance, action, or fantasy), nor do we publish scholarly essays. Spiritual and political themes and stories of personal loss should be handled with sophistication and a knowledge of contemporary writing in those areas because we don’t publish stereotypical religious odes, political rants, or diary-like entries.

Fiction & Nonfiction

We look for stories and essays in which the mysteries emerge out of human personality and interaction. In other words, character-driven pieces that make us think about our lives in new ways.

There is no word or page limit, though we prefer prose that is between 3 and 25 manuscript pages. We consider novel or memoir excerpts only if they stand alone.

Please submit only one short story or essay at a time. However, we will read up to three short-shorts, as long as the total page count remains under 15 pages.


We’re interested in well-crafted poems that sing and take risks—in style or subject. We’re interested in traditional forms and free verse, any length.

Please submit no more than five poems at one time. We will only read the first five poems that you send.

Graphic Narrative

We look for graphic narratives that show both artistic and literary merit. Currently, we are able to consider black and white only.

Work should be submitted online as a jpeg or pdf file. If you wish to submit via postal mail or other means, please send a query to flreview@ucf.edu. Please note that we will not open email attachments.

Book Reviews and Interviews

We do not accept unsolicited book reviews or interviews. If you would like to submit a book review or interview, please send a query to flreview@ucf.edu. We do accept Review Essays via Submittable, but it’s best to be in touch via a query before submitting.

Visual Art

Visual artists are encouraged to submit two-dimensional works in any medium for a color cover or black-and-white spread within the journal. Submissions may be sent as paper photographs, on a CD-ROM, or via web link, or (preferably) via Submittable, but we will not open any e-mail attachments.

Withdrawals & Queries

Please send us an email at flreview@ucf.edu, or send a letter and self-addressed stamped envelope through postal mail for any remaining snail-mail submissions. For Submittable submissions, please go into Submittable and withdraw your manuscript there.

New editor’s note as of September 2015: We understand that there has been a long wait for many of you to hear about your submissions. The new staff has been organized to try to read our backlog as efficiently as possible over the next few months. Please withhold further queries about your manuscript’s status until January 2016, to allow us to focus on finding the gems in the backlog.

Practical Guidelines

  • We accept general submissions online through the Submittable link below. We accept visual art, Editor’s Award, and chapbook submissions either online through Submittable or via regular postal mail (with an SASE enclosed). Please send an SASE if you submit on paper and do not expect us to send a personal email.
  • All manuscripts must be typed (double-spaced for fiction and nonfiction; poetry should be single-spaced). We prefer serif typefaces such as Times New Roman over sans serif ones like Calibri.
  • All manuscripts must include the author's full name and contact information on the first page, and the title and page numbers on subsequent pages.
  • Manuscripts sent by mail (which we will no longer accept after November 1, 2015) must:
    • be printed on white letter-sized paper;
    • include a cover letter with the author's name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and title of submission(s);
    • include a self-addressed stamped envelope for response; and
    • indicate in the cover letter if the manuscript should be returned and include proper postage on the SASE.
  • International submissions are welcome, especially electronically. If visual art, Editor’s Award or chapbook submissions are sent by postal mail, they must be accompanied by an International Postal Coupon.

To Submit Your Work

Submit online here.

For visual art, Editor’s Award, and chapbook submissions ONLY, to submit by U.S. Mail, address submissions to:

The Editors [Indicate Genre]
The Florida Review Department of English
University of Central Florida
PO Box 161346
Orlando, FL 32816-1346

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