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Jeanne Leiby Memorial Chapbook

2016 Chapbook Winner

The fifth annual chapbook — The Persistence of Rivers, by Alison Townsend — is now available for $15 from our new publishing partner, Burrow Press.

2015 Chapbook Winner

The fourth annual chapbook — Reno, by Nat Akin — is now available for $14. Purchase via Amazon or our Chapbook Order Form.

2014 Chapbook Winner

The third annual chapbook — The Rug Bazaar, by Marylee Mcdonald — is now available for $12. Purchase with our Chapbook Order Form.

2013 Chapbook Winner

The second annual chapbook — A Year of Silence, by Polly Buckingham — is now available for $12. Purchase with our Chapbook Order Form.

2012 Chapbook Winner

The first annual chapbook — Rubia, by Patricia Grace King — now available for $12. SOLD OUT!