34.2, Winter 2009

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Editor’s Note: What’s Literary? (Jocelyn Bartkevicius)


Deborah Thompson, Buying Time
Christine Gelineau, Cops
Emily Van Kley, Vital Signs
Emily Van Kley, Last of the Month
Emily Van Kley, Before Ghosts
Susan Rich, Facing 50 with a Line by Robert Hayden
Susan Rich, For My Student, Who Would Prefer to Remain Anonymous
Fred Setterberg, Catechism
Steve Gehrke, The Terraformation of Mars

Jennifer duBois, Eurydice
Michael Reid Busk, The Third Testimony

Josh McCall, The Land of Cockaigne
Brad Modlin, Maybe the Anemic Light
Alyce Miller, Naming Dogs

Honor Moore, Psyche in Autumn
Honor Moore, Waking
Chard diNiord, From the Curriculum of a Serpent
Chard deNiord, Translation
E. C. Belli, The Gray Against Your Skin
Kerry James Evans, Lilac and Razor Wire
Kathleen Rooney, If Robinson Came from the Heartland
Kathleen Rooney, At a Thursday Night Party on a Boat in Provincetown
Jeff Newberry, Factory Boy
Jeff Newberry, The Fisherman’s Son at the Conference
Baron Wormser, On a Photograph by Dorothea Lange
Baron Wormser, Two Failed Marriages
George Looney, Before This Sentence Ends
Colin Morton, At Sitting Bull’s Grave
John Murillo, Renegades of Funk

Jocelyn Bartkevicius and Susan Lilley, Politics and Lyricism: A Conversation with Honor Moore

Ilyse Kusnetz, Matter of Fact by Eamon Grennan
Kim Chinquee, Drowning Lessons by Peter Selgin
Pamela Baker, The Orange Wire Problem and Other Tales from the Doctor’s Office by David Watts
Cap Blackard, The Lagoon by Lillie Carré
Chris Wiewiora, Best New American Voices 2009 edited by Mary Gaitskill

John Bohannon, Shallow Breathing, photograph
John Bohannon, Untitled 33, photograph
John Bohannon, Cirque, photograph

John Bohannon, Globe, photograph