Literary Mission

The Florida Review publishes exciting new work from around the world from writers both emerging and well known. We are not Florida-exclusive, though we acknowledge having a jungle mentality and a preference for grit, and we have provided and continue to offer a home for many Florida writers. We have been in more or less continuous semi-annual print publication since 1975 and have recently added a new literary supplement in 2017 in Aquifer: The Florida Review Online, which will feature new literary works on a weekly basis, as well as author interviews, book reviews, and digital storytelling. Please see our Submissions page for more information about what we are interested in publishing.

Educational Mission

The Florida Review has always involved the faculty and students of the University of Central Florida. Since 2005 UCF has offered a regular practicum course for students interested in helping with the numerous tasks required to publish The Florida Review. Twenty undergraduate students every semester (fall, spring, and summer), along with two or three MFA students, are given the opportunity to:

  • study and understand the nature of The Florida Review and what we publish;
  • be trained and assist with proofreading, fact checking, and copyediting;
  • learn to articulate the value of literary magazines while selling subscriptions;
  • work on fundraising, marketing, social media, and website projects;
  • learn what it means to be a good literary citizen;
  • become familiar with Submittable, NewPages, Asana, and other useful online tools; and
  • read and discuss submissions (though students do not make final editorial decisions at TFR).

This high-impact, experiential training both makes our students aware of the high level of competition they will face as writers and gives them real-world editorial and marketing job experience. Both of these types of knowledge, we believe, will help them thrive as writers and to appreciate the intense and collaborative nature of publications.

If you are a UCF student interested in taking CRW 4724: Florida Review Editing, please email the editor, Lisa Roney, at lisa.roney@ucf.edu.


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Former editors: Jocelyn Bartkevicius, Jeanne Leiby, Susan Hubbard, Russ Kesler, Pat Rushin

The Florida Review Staff

  • Editor & Director: Lisa Roney
  • Managing Editor: Leah Washburn
  • Quality Enhancement Grant Assistants: Brian Druckenmiller and Rebecca Cobb
  • Fiction Editors: Victoria Campbell and Lisa Roney
  • Assistant Fiction Editors: Patrick May, Sabrina Napolitano and Hana Al-Harastani
  • Fiction Readers: Anshare Antoine, Allie Arend, Danielle Armstrong, Madison Bernath, Geoff Benge, Rebecca Cobb, Joshua Dull, John King, Rachel Kolman, Michael Leavitt, Jonathan Phin, Jeffrey Schuster, Shawn McKee, and Heather Vazquez
  • Poetry Editor: Kenneth Hart
  • Poetry Readers: Vonnie Amey and Lorie Matejowsky
  • Creative Nonfiction Editor: Nicole Oquendo
  • Assistant Creative Nonfiction Editor: Michael Shier
  • Graphic Narrative Editor: Nathan Holic
  • Layout/Cover Designer: Ren Morrison and Lorinda Clark
  • Community Outreach Coordinator: Sabrina Napolitano
  • Social Media Coordinator: Hana Al-Harastani
  • Chapbook Coordinator/Editor: Susan Fallows

Aquifer Staff

  • Editor & Director: Lisa Roney
  • Digital Story Curator: Natalie Underberg-Goode
  • Graphic Narrative Editor: Nathan Holic
  • Book Review Editor: Danita Berg
  • Assistant Book Review Editor: Dianne Turgeon Richardson
  • On-Site Interviewers: Danielle Kessinger and Lisa Roney
  • Website Designer: Matt Dunn
  • Website Assistant: Mike Leavitt

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