Literary Features


By Jenni Moody

Graphic Narrative

Dirty Old Man’s Ode to Secondhand Smoke

By Gustavo Pérez Firmat


Salvio: A Short Story

By Laura Farnsworth



Interview: Robert Pinsky

By Danielle Kessinger

Interview: Brenda Miller

By Lisa Roney

Interview: Sandra Simonds

By Judith Roney

Book Reviews

Moving Beyond the Boundaries

By Jeff Newberry

Not a Museum to Nostalgia

By Annie Kim

From Knowing to Unknowing

By Heidi Sell

Digital Stories

Me and My Eggs

By Kristine Crane

War Paint

By Frida Caro


By Demi Cassanos

Visual Art

Under Florida

By David Foshee

Rendered Complete Equals

By Kim Rae Taylor

Cut and Paste

By Jennifer Richardson